Dog and Cat Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound scanning

Ultrasound scanning is a non-invasive and safe procedure that does not require the use of sedatives or anaesthetic. 

A surface probe is used to safely project inaudible high frequency sound waves into the abdomen. The returning signals are then interpreted by the ultrasound scanning equipment resulting in an image being displayed on the screen.

The process is safe and pain free, with no discomfort to the patient.

The resulting images will show whether the patient is pregnant or not but observing exact numbers in the litter is not guaranteed.

Please read our terms and conditions

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reasons to scan

  • Confirmation of pregnancy.
  • Ability to inform prospective customers of your expected litter.
  • Aid to timely adjustment of the diet for optimum health benefits prior to giving birth.
  • Advance notice for acclimatisation to her whelping area.
  • To enable accurate planning for the show season avoiding any unexpected surprises.
  • Enable the owner to identify a phantom pregnancy.

when to scan

Scanning can take place any time after 25 days from the last mating, but we advise initially scanning around day 30-35 of your dog’s pregnancy for optimum results.

At an early stage of pregnancy (28 – 36 days) it is possible to estimate the number of pups. This requires careful examination and can be difficult. It is often easiest when there are only one or two pups and is more difficult in later pregnancy when only sections of each pup are depicted.

What is Phantom Pregnancy?

A phantom (false) pregnancy is the term used when a dog is not pregnant but shows signs of pregnancy; lactation, nursing and nesting.

Phantom pregnancies are not uncommon. Some figures show that up to 60% of dogs experience them at some time during their lifetime.

What is the cause?

It can develop 6 – 14 weeks after a season; at which time a dog has a normal rise in the hormone prolactin. In some individuals this level is excessive and clinical signs of false pregnancy occur.

Prolactin is one of the normal hormones of pregnancy and so the clinical signs observed are typical of a pregnant dog; the mammary glands develop and milk may be produced. 

Affected animals often make nests and may collect objects, such as toys and shoes, within the bed as though they are puppies. 

Scan Results

Terms and Conditions

We strive to provide as accurately as possible a count of the puppies or kittens when carrying out an ultrasound scan but we cannot accept responsibility if the figure given at the time of scanning does not correspond with the number at the time of birth.

Lower numbers can be due to absorption and higher numbers can be due to babies being held high in the rib-cage where the scanner is unable to detect.

Please Note: A negative first scan can be caused by late conception; this could result in a second scan to be required at a later date to successfully determine pregnancy. The cost of this second scan is the responsibility of the customer. 

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