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Our Cattery has been designed to the highest specifications and is fully insulated keeping our guests cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It was purpose built as a small cattery – just 4 double-sized pens and 8 single pens – so that it allows us plenty of time to spoil our guests.

There is even a pen that can sleep up to 4 guests from the same family.


You are bound to be worried about leaving your precious friend with us for the first time so please come along and let us show you the cattery. We’re sure you’ll be re-assured about the care and accommodation your friend will enjoy during their stay with us.

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You may bring any blankets, cushions, baskets etc. that your cat has at home to make them more comfortable and feel a bit more “at home”.

The pens are constructed using the most up-to-date materials, smooth plastic panels and glass. Cleanliness is paramount – all surfaces, walls and floors are very easy to wash and disinfect. They are warm and cosy and have individual heating lamps in the spacious sleeping quarters. All pens have their own adjoining play area play where guests can play with the toys, use the scratching posts, or do what cats do best and laze about on the large comfortable chairs or sunning shelves.


High Quality Diet

We provide a high quality diet as standard, using wet and dry proprietary brands and freshly cooked fish. We will feed whatever your cat normally eats and can cater for special needs. If your cat is on a prescription or an unusual diet we will ask you to bring along enough for his/her stay.



Highest standards of hygiene are maintained to ensure your cat’s comfort, health and safety. Pens are cleaned every day during your cat’s stay, and litter trays are checked, emptied and cleaned frequently. Separate cleaning tools are kept for each pen.

Between guests the pen and all its contents are thoroughly disinfected using a tried and tested procedure. Pens are left for a minimum of 12 hours after disinfecting before being reoccupied.

Health of your cat

To be fair to fellow boarders, all guests must have current certificates for Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu.

The course of vaccinations must have been completed at least 4 weeks prior to boarding or in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

Proof is required prior to acceptance and guests MUST bring it with them when they check in. We will keep it in the guest’s file until departure. This also applies to house cats.

Guests are insured by Petplan Sanctuary during their stay, for unforeseen illness or injury. However, existing illnesses are not covered. We have a Veterinary Surgeon on call 24 hours a day and should your pet become ill we will contact Paddons Veterinary Services for assistance.

If it is necessary we will call you or your emergency contact for agreement to treatment. An isolation unit is available if required.

We are licensed by the West- Norfolk Borough of Kings Lynn and regularly inspected by them and by the Paddons Veterinary Service.


We can collect and deliver your pets for boarding. We travel to all surrounding towns and villages around Wisbech and Kings Lynn.

Terms and Conditions

  • A current inoculation certificate must be shown prior to acceptance.
  • This will be retained until departure.
  • Payment to be made in FULL on arrival.
  • Cancellations must be advised AT LEAST 7 days prior to expected date of arrival, otherwise full rates apply.
  • Deposit is non- refundable.
  • Please ensure your cats receive regular flea and worm treatment.
  • If applicable, any cat’s medical conditions must be brought to our attention prior to arrival.
  • We reserve the right to use client’s cats for Marketing purposes.
  • We reserve the right to refuse acceptance.

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